May: Features Only
June: Traditional Cable
Aug: WWA Nationals

The National Points Chase (NPC) is two seperate qualifying cable wakeboard series held at wake parks throughout the country culminating in the WWA National Championship



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Points Championship at OWC

The 2013 National Points Chase will end in Orlando, Florida Sept 11-15 at OWC. The Championship event will begin Wednesday afternoon. Amateur Wakeskate, Beginner and Novice Divisions will ride on Wed. These divisions will also finish competing on Friday. The other divisions will run Thur-Sun. We are trying to eliminate Points Chase events on Saturday to focus on the Monster Triple Crown feature only events and allow our Jewish competitors the opportunity to celebrate Yom Kippur.

Weekly Scores

Weekly scores are coming in, you can find each parks score on their park page or they are all listed on the 2013 Championship Page!

17 Parks Participating

17 Different Parks will host events as Part of the National Points Chase! Most parks will host a 6 week series in June and July while a few of the brand new parks will host just the second half of the series and qualify riders off just three events.