May: Features Only
June: Traditional Cable
Aug: WWA Nationals

The National Points Chase (NPC) is two seperate qualifying cable wakeboard series held at wake parks throughout the country culminating in the WWA National Championship


Facebook Events Pages

We have created event pages for all of the weekly series events! Be sure to log onto Facebook and click attending for each of your home events!


17 Parks Participating

17 Different Parks will host events as Part of the National Points Chase! Most parks will host a 6 week series in June and July while a few of the brand new parks will host just the second half of the series and qualify riders off just three events.

Events Begin at Local Parks Soon!

In 2013 The National Points Chase will add a much needed Novice division. This division will further separate the beginners and intermediate giving all skill levels a division. Last year we were so impressed by the beginner riders that this addition was an obvious solution. In addition to that the beginner and intermediate division were the two largest divisions at the National Points Championship. The other major change is for pro and advanced divisions the air trick portion of the scoring was lowered from 40% to 30%. The breakdown is now even between the three major areas: Kickers, Sliders and Air Tricks. Each will receive 30% each and the remaining 10% will be composition. Things like style and amplitude are scored in the area tricks are performed in.

For more info check out the Weekly Info page!