May: Features Only
June: Traditional Cable
July/Aug: WWA Nationals

The National Poits Chase (NPC) is two seperate qualifying cable wakeboard series held at wake parks throughout the country culminating in the WWA National Championship

Park Website: www.RevolutionCable.com
Park Phone Number: 8239-656-3000
Park Sponsors: Liquid Force
Park Location: 17590 East St. North Fort Myers, FL 33917

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Team Results:
2017 Traditional: __ out of ?? (Held at BSR, Waco, TX)
2017 Features Only: __ out of ?? (Held at BSR, Waco, TX)
2016 Traditional: 10 out of 18 (Held at OWC, Orlando, FL)
2016 Features Only: 8 out of 19 (Held at OWC, Orlando, FL)
2015 Traditional: 14 out of 17 (Held at Terminus, Atlanta, GA)
2015 Features Only: 10 out of 21 (Held at Terminus, Atlanta, GA)
2014 Traditional: 15 out of 18 (Held at Hydrous, Little Elm, TX)
2014 Features Only: 8 out of 11 (Held at Hydrous, Little Elm, TX)
2013 Traditional: 16 out of 18 (Held at OWC, Orlando, FL)
2012 Traditional: 11 out of 13 (Held at BSR, Waco, TX)
2011 Traditional: 6 out of 10 (Held at McCorrmicks, Tampa, FL)
2010 Traditional: 7 out of 8 (Held at TSR,New Braunfels, TX)

Park National Champions:
None to Date

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