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June: Traditional Cable
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The National Poits Chase (NPC) is two seperate qualifying cable wakeboard series held at wake parks throughout the country culminating in the WWA National Championship




OWC Wins Big with a Pair of Team Victories
in both categories at the 2015 National Points Chase
presented by Rockstar Energy at Terminus Wake Park

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Cartersville ,GA. Orlando Watersports Complex shines as the nation’s best wake park team by sweeping both the features only and traditional categories at the 2015 National Points Chase hosted at Terminus Wake Park. Presenting sponsor Rockstar energy drink was on site amping up the competition and helping riders send it all weekend long. Riders from all over the United States and a few from other parts of the world participated in largest wakeboard event ever held in North America. The WWA sanctioned 335 entries and well over 1000 scored runs at the 2015 National Points Chase covering four long days and 17 different divisions.

OWC posted an overall team score of 3045 points dominating in the features only category ousting the Texas Ski Ranch at 2205 points and Terminus wake park in third place with a close 2075 points. Riders were all scored the same on their placements no matter what their division they rode in and the round. OWC also proved themselves to be worthy of taking home two championship titles and trophies by also winning the traditional category with a score of 3775, taking out last years traditional champion’s the Texas Ski Ranch with a score of 3170 and placing third was Hydrous Wake Park, the only park other than OWC and TSR to win a team championship in the six year history of this event.

Day 1 Recap

Day 2 Recap

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Day 4 Recap

The 2015 National Points Chase presented by Rockstar Energy Drink crowned several champions on the 29th and 30th of August starting with Amateur Wakeskate. Riders in this division were able to really showcase their skills as they got to show off on the clockwise cable at Terminus Wake Park. Austin Armstrong stood up the best pass with a high score of 86 points to take the win. However it was not easy for him as Daniel Pons was right behind him placing second at 81 points and Dillion Dreiling placing third. All these of these individuals rode amazing through the weekend and were a major factor to OWC winning the overall title as all three of these guys are from the winning park.

The beginner wakeboard division showed us how much fun wakeboarding can be. All the riders in this division had posted the closest scores in the finals making it such a great showcase of wakeboarding. Taking the top spot was Ethan Weaver from Hexagon Wake Park showing that he can master all of the features on the course and tricks in the flat stretches. OWC’s Judson Sink was close behind him in second place and following him was Beau Porter with a one point difference between second and third place.

Novice wakeboard really displayed a diverse field of riders from different areas throughout the U.S. Rider’s from Wake Nation Houston, Ski Rixen, Texas Ski Ranch, Terminus Wake Park and BSR all made appearances in this stacked final. With a great balance of tricks on all aspects of traditional park riding, Anthony Gocinski proved himself to be the best rider on Saturday’s final in this division. BSR’s Zach Vrba was as stoked as ever to make it on to the podium in second place and Griffin Davis left his presence in the world of wake by placing third.

The division of intermediate wakeboarding has really shown how high the level has progressed overall in wake. All of these riders were crushing air tricks, boosting off kickers and pressing out rails like crazy. Scott Havenar out of Hydrous Wake Park demonstrated what a winning run should look like by posting the highest score of the day with an 88.5. However, Spencer Barron gave him a run for his money by placing close behind him with a score of 84 and Sam Lacerte getting the last podium spot in 3rd place next to Barron.

The future shined bright for wakeboarding in the advanced division also nicknamed the “Semi Pro” division. All these riders had runs that would of easily won a pro contest 5 years ago thus showing the rapid rate of growth and progression. But on Saturday it was Ben Verlinden from the Texas Ski Ranch showing that he can master toeside and heelside airtricks along with handle pass spins and mobes and finishing out with technical presses on the rails. Theo Koester from OWC made it very difficult on the judges by landing the second place spot and Max Dorrestijn getting third place.

Pro Wakeskate had the biggest names in park skating that are in existence. Flip tricks along with technical rail hits and heavy kicker tricks were shown off during this stacked final. Rockstar Energy Drink dominated the podium with two out of the three top spots being their own sponsored riders. With a kickflip off the kicker as his wildcard, George Daniels made it very obvious for the judges that he deserved first place. Behind him was Rockstar’s own Bret Little and Forrest Stern taking the third spot.

The traditional pro men’s final was as thick as we have ever seen. With Terminus wake park supplying the best possible conditions and features, we only saw the finest riding. TSR’s Tom Fooshee claimed first place with a abundant mix of air tricks, hammers on the kickers, and great diversity on the rails. McCormick’s Chandler Powell arrived close in scores by snagging second place and James Windsor from GoWake MacKay in third.

BoardCo.com presented what was considered the funnest single division of the entire weekend to watch. The BoardCo Grom Attack kicker contest showed athlete’s up to the age of 14 rip apart the Unit Park Tech XL kicker. Trent Stuckey performed a perfect switch toeside backside one eighty with a melon grab to rewind backside 3 for the victory. This was one trick that most pros cannot even do thus showing that Trent Stuckey is not a name to forget. In second place was Max Dorrestijn and in third was Trent’s little brother Gavin Stuckey.

Rockstar Energy Drink provided the spectators with the best possible show there is to see in park riding with a kicker contest that will be one to never forget. Riders were getting punted as high as the cable and also getting as technical as wakeboarding gets in the Rockstar Energy Drink pro kicker contest. Tom Fooshee found himself to the top of the podium in this category with a With Pete Rose 7 (X-Mobe 7 for OG's Like Aaron Reed). Trey Romine stood in the second place spot with a boss mute mobe 5 and James Windsor in third with the biggest switch front to fakie we have ever seen.

The final day of the 2015 National Points Chase placed every division in the features only category and the pro divisions in traditional. Features only division’s are based on the riders age and the first age group to hit the water was the grom’s 9 and under. No surprise here as this family name dominated at the National Points Chase by having Gavin Stuckey crush the course at Terminus Wake Park. Gavin executed some very technical rail and kicker hits with steeze for days landing him first place! In second place, Brett Powell from Kansas City Watersports was close behind with spectacular riding also and completing the podium in third was Brett’s little brother Kaiden.

The boys 10 to 14 features only division was nothing short of excellence. The name of the weekend again found himself in first place with the most advanced riding ever seen by someone his age. Trent Stuckey came in first place with a near perfect score of 93.3. OWC collected more and more points as their own Garrett Coleman came in second with Maarten Van Vilet from Hydrous in third.

One of the most shocking divisions of the weekend was Open Women’s features only, having them prove to the nation that their riding is borderline professional. The Stuckey domination continued with “momma” Shannon Stuckey slaying the pool and Raph rail along with all the other features with a first place spot on the podium. Her OWC teammate Taylor Oxford was close behind her in second place and Terminus’s own Callaway Ford finished out the final in third.

Jr. Men’s features only was very impressive as the tricks performed were some of that same that were performed in pro. Hailing from Wake Zone Cable Park in Oklahoma was Conrad McIntosh in the first place spot. The judges were extremely impressed with Conrad’s riding, especially his grabbed toeside backside five. Andrew Watson was a third of a point behind him making the difference between first and second the closest of the weekend. Beau Goforth found himself a spot on the podium in third helping his home team to get some points on the board.

Florida and Texas battled in the open men’s features only division as it was mind blowing how good all these riders are. The judges were said to have been “most impressed” with the level of riding in this division. OWC collected some major points by their team captain Theo Koester placing in first with Hydrous’s own cable operator Scotty Visser in second and Miami Watersports Complex’s Barron Donovan in third.

“Old Guys Rule!” was one of the more frequent phrases said throughout the weekend as these guys proved that to be true. The name remains the same for the top spot on the podium as Jason Stuckey was the best all around rider on Sunday’s final. With Jason’s help, the Stuckey family found their way to all four first place podium spots in their own features only divisions. More known for his wakeskate skills, Bret Little placed second showing he can rip on a wakeboard too. Revolution Cable Park’s manager Joshua Wright earned a podium spot in third with stellar hits on the parks features.

Professional Women went underway as the second to last division of the weekend and they did nothing but prove that they can hang with the men. These women were destroying everything they hit and gave the best possible display of pro women’s riding. With a rail to rail transfer on the Raph, Taylor McCullough earned a sure spot at the top of the podium with first place. Very close behind her was Jamie Lopina in second and Marilyn Pruitt in third.

The top event of the weekend was the Pro Men’s features only and it was mind blowing what happen on the water. Last year’s features only champ Chandler Powell repeated again this year as the first place finish with tricks like a melon backside nine. The hometown hero Justin “JLee” was only .4 points behind Chandler making it super close for second place. Another podium repeat was John Dreiling in third place as it is always great to see him on the podium.

The 2015 National Points Chase presented by Rockstar energy drink was a major success and would like to congratulate all riders that rode in the event. The entire event crew would also like to thank all the parents and supports of the event and of course thank all of the sponsors that helped make the even happen, including Rockstar Energy Drink, BoardCo, Terminus Wake Park, Liquid Force, CWB Wakeboards, Slingshot, Fox, Interstate Battery, Body Glove, HitCase, LakePoint, Spy Optic, Ronix, SheShreds, and Wake Well for hosting. See you all for the event again in 2016!