May: Features Only
June: Traditional Cable
July/Aug: WWA Nationals

The National Poits Chase (NPC) is two seperate qualifying cable wakeboard series held at wake parks throughout the country culminating in the WWA National Championship




2011 Team Scores from the Points Championship
1. Texas Ski Ranch • New Braunfels, TX 2020 points
2. McCormicks • Tampa, FL 2000 points
3. Orlando Watersports Complex • Orlando, FL 1785 points
4. Ski Rixen • Deerfield Beach, FL 1370 points
5. WakeZone • Guthrie, OK 1105 points
6. Revolution • Fort Myers, FL 850 points
7. Wake Nation • Houston, TX 525 points
8. KC Watersports • Kansas City, KC 275 points
9. Cowtown Wakepark • Fort Worth, TX 245 points
10. Wake Nation • Cincinnati, OH 175 points

2011 Weekly Qualifying Results From Each Park
Cowtown WakePark
KC Watersports
Orlando Watersports
Ski Rixen
Texas Ski Ranch
Wake Nation Cincy
Wake Nation Houston
Wake Zone

2011 The Feature Only competition was ran in a team format. In the finals, Team TSR barely edged out Backyard Systems led by Oli & Raph Derome. It came down to the tie breaker in which TSR won behind the wake skate dominance of Bret Little. Cowtown made it to the semi finals with Bob Soven and Daniel Grant anchoring the team. McCormicks was the other final four entry behind some great riding and of cours the home court advantage. This event was held at night under the lights in Tampa Florida. Teams were comprised of 3 wake boarders and 1 wake skater. The athletes were judged in 6 different areas of the course. The points in the bracket below represent the riders combined place in each area, similar to golf the lower score is better. (The wake skaters and wake boarders were ranked separately.)
1. Team TSR: Tom Fooshee, Kyle Cameron, Sam Scoggins / Bret Little
2. Backyard Systems: Raph Derome, Oli Derome, Yan Tibo / Yan Lecompte
3. Cowotown Wakepark: Bob Soven, Daniel Grant, John Deere / John Phillips
4. McCormicks: Chandler Powell, Jon Dickey, Andrew Proses / Travis Belsito
5. Germany: Steffan Vollert, Felix Georgii, Manu Rupp / Andy Kolb
6. KCW: Ryan Sanders, Donald Konomos, Brad Mason / Collin Haas
7. OWC/Rixen: Yonel Cohen, Ian Smith, Max / Nick Robinson
8. WakeZone: Stephen Waddle, Austin Shufford, Sam Morton / Dylan Branch
9T. Wahoos: Bammer Rehn, Forrest Hess, Beau Brown / Hayden Reynolds
9T. Australia: Matty Hassler, Ange Schriber, Ethan / Chris Pate
9T. Mc2: Aaron Abel, Billy Parker, Clark Anderson / Kyle McCutcheon
12. WOW: Kaesen Syderhoud, Ryan Lippincoff, Antton Ryzeko / Jordan Jarvis
13. Wake Nation Houston: Mark Wilson, Lance Stevens, Gator Boone / Ty Morlang
14. Wake Nation Cincy: Joseph Delworth, Mickey Blum, Johnie Paul / Christy Blum